Greater Hartford SOAR Initiative

Greater Hartford SOAR Initiative

Ending chronic homelessness means tackling the issue from every angle. Even with improved access to housing, employment and support services, there are individuals whose physical and mental disabilities inhibit their ability to gain employment and independence. Journey Home is working to remove these barriers by implementing the SOAR program in Greater Hartford. Journey Home acts as the Local Lead for SOAR in Greater Hartford. We collaborate with providers and case managers to help the region’s homeless population access the stabilizing income that is vital to finding and maintain housing.

SOAR (SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery) is designed and proven to help people who are disabled and experiencing homelessness access the disability benefits that help them break the cycle of homelessness. Applicants are matched with SOAR trained case managers who help them navigate the complicated system that stands between them and these vital benefits. SOAR case managers provide the Social Security Administration with a complete picture of the applicant and their disability by collecting medical evidence and writing a report that summarizes their medical and personal history. This in-depth process makes disability determination quick and easy for the Social Security Administration, and limits the stress and demands on applicants.

The SOAR process delivers a higher acceptance rate in a shorter amount of time. The approval rate for homeless individuals applying for SSI/SSDI without assistance is between 10% and 15% and the average wait time for a decision is longer than a year. In 2015, the national average approval rate for applications submitted through the SOAR process was 64%, and decisions were made in an average of 81 days.

Resources for Making SOAR Referrals*


*Due to limited capacity in Greater Hartford, not all eligible referrals can be connected to SOAR services.


Releases of Information for SOAR Case Workers

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