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Here at Journey Home, we have continued working hard on the Coordinated
Access Network (CAN), which is the system of accessing homeless services in our
community. For over a year, one of the big goals of the CAN has been to
coordinate all the family service providers, including shelters, outreach services,
and housing programs. Our community has come together, and we now have a
committee that meets every two weeks to collaborate on issues of family
homelessness. In the past year, it became clear that families in our shelter
system could often benefit from clinical supports, but it isn’t always easy to get
people connected to these services while they are homeless. Then, a new partner
joined our work this past February — Atlas Behavioral Health.
Atlas Behavioral Health is a private organization based in Hartford dedicated to
providing clinical services to families experiencing homelessness. Their
behavioral health services are a partnership with local community programs in
CT, and the team at Atlas has already provided a wealth of assistance to some of
our most vulnerable households. The services that Atlas has provided includes
intake for households in crisis, in-house counseling, and group therapy based in
the shelters. They have also been an asset in collaboration to help complete
diagnosis paperwork for households with serious behavioral health concerns who
struggle with getting services at other organizations.

Atlas has joined our community’s family housing matching meetings, where they
are able to take referrals for services. Their clinicians have already started by
taking tours, and doing in-house visits to some of our local shelters to determine
the necessary clinical services for residents. The help doesn’t stop at the shelters.
The team at Atlas Behavioral Health has continued to offer, and provide much
needed support services to families as they transition back into housing in the

Having these services so readily accessible to the Greater Hartford community
has been an incredibly needed resource. Gerilyn Harrison, case manager at the
Salvation Army Marshall House shared that “Atlas has been a pleasure to work
with. The clinicians are all very friendly and professional and their response time
to referrals is impressive.” We are so excited to have Atlas as a partner in our
CAN, and look forward to seeing what this partnership will bring in the future!

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