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COVID-19 Update #7

Journey Home Friends, We are thrilled to announce that after testing over 150 clients and staff for COVID-19 at one of the area hotels, not a single person tested positive.  We offer tremendous thanks to the City of Hartford, Hartford Healthcare, South Park Inn, and...

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COVID-19 Update #6

Journey Home Friends, As the COVID-19 crisis continues on in our community, we remain focused on keeping our most vulnerable population safe and simultaneously working towards providing permanent housing. One of the challenges through this crisis has been the anxiety...

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COVID-19 Update #5

Journey Home Friends, We are pleased to report that our first shelter guest who tested positive COVID-19 was quarantined in the hotel for more than 14 days and is no longer symptomatic. No other shelter clients in any shelter or who are now at hotels have tested...

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COVID-19 Update #4

Journey Home Friends, As the COVID-19 cases have risen across the state, we were saddened to learn that our first shelter client in a hotel has tested positive for COVID-19 and is now in quarantine for at least two weeks.  One shelter staff person, and two clients in...

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Journey Home Friends, We have had our busiest week yet preparing for and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Journey Home and our partner agencies helped to relocate more than 200 people from shelters into area hotel rooms in the Capitol Region in the hopes of...

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Journey Home Friends, We are so amazed at the numerous people and agencies who have responded in so many ways to help protect people experiencing homelessness during this pandemic. There are so many people to thank: Thank you to Bank of America and American Eagle...

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Journey Home Friends, I wanted to provide an update to you on the status of our emergency planning and disaster response to COVID-19 in the Capital region of Connecticut as we work to care for our most vulnerable population. To our knowledge, no one has tested...

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Our New Effort to Serve Survivors of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the leading causes of homelessness among women and children. Access to safe, stable, affordable housing is one of the biggest challenges facing survivors of domestic violence. In 2019, Journey Home joined forces with the Connecticut...

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Olivia Lerz, Journey Home Volunteer, In Her Own Words…

In my first semester of sophomore year I needed to pick a volunteer placement for my social work program. After looking around I came across Journey Home’s webpage. Journey Home, located in Hartford, has changed the way I look at the homeless population. Journey Home...

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Our mission is to ensure a home for all.

We believe the most powerful way to do this is collectively - by working together with service providers, elected officials, businesses and local communities to end homelessness in the Capital region of Connecticut. We will build partnerships, advance innovative solutions and achieve enduring, systemic change.

Journey Home works in the Capital region of Connecticut.

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