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Our New Effort to Serve Survivors of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the leading causes of homelessness among women and children. Access to safe, stable, affordable housing is one of the biggest challenges facing survivors of domestic violence. In 2019, Journey Home joined forces with the Connecticut...

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Olivia Lerz, Journey Home Volunteer, In Her Own Words…

In my first semester of sophomore year I needed to pick a volunteer placement for my social work program. After looking around I came across Journey Home’s webpage. Journey Home, located in Hartford, has changed the way I look at the homeless population. Journey Home...

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Journey Home Receives Two Grants totaling $41,000

Journey Home recently received two grants totaling $41,000 to support the Greater Hartford Coordinated Access Network (GH CAN) with housing people experiencing homelessness during the winter. Although overall homelessness continues to decrease in the Capitol region,...

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In Their Own Words by Elise Cobb, Journey Home Summer Intern

Did you ever consider what makes a house a home? It’s the little things. That’s what I learned the weekend of June 22nd on my first-ever home makeover.  When I walked in, the apartment was nearly empty. It seemed like the only piece of real furniture in the space was...

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NAPO Organizing Day

Do you prefer your house messy or clean? When everything in your cabinets is stacked neatly, or when all the Tupperware comes tumbling down? When your laundry is sorted, or when everything comes out pink because of that one red shirt? Life can be messy, but it doesn’t...

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ImmaCare’s New Shelter is Coming Soon!

We are thrilled for our friends and partners over at ImmaCare as their shelter renovation project has begun.  For more than ten years, they have been working on their vision of what the new facility would look like as they have adapted to the needs of Hartford and...

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Youth Advisory Board

Who know what homeless youth need better than youth and young adults who have experienced homelessness?  In May and June, Journey Home hired five youth with lived experience of homelessness as consultants to serve on Journey Home’s Youth Advisory Board, a new group...

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In Their Own Words by Todd Polley

Many years ago I had a back injury which while not serious it was a wakeup call that I needed to start taking better care of myself.   After physical therapy and a disciplined workout routine I recovered and was better than ever. I wanted to take advantage of this...

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Journey Home Mission

Our mission is to ensure a home for all.

We believe the most powerful way to do this is collectively - by working together with service providers, elected officials, businesses and local communities to end homelessness in the Capital region of Connecticut. We will build partnerships, advance innovative solutions and achieve enduring, systemic change.

Journey Home works in the Capital region of Connecticut.

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