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Advocacy Days

Over the past few years, Journey Home, alongside dozens of local partners, has been making a huge impact on ending homelessness.  Most days, we spend our time analyzing data, facilitating workgroups, engaging volunteers, and moving furniture into new homes. In early...

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The Power of Hope

Hope is a mysterious force. It is less of a thing and more of an idea, but the power that it holds is undeniable. Hope is the thought that “I can,” rather than “I can’t.” It is a critical part of the human experience because it is what sustains us during difficult...

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In Their Own Words: Sherri Schwartz

In our job as Realtors, we help our clients buy, sell and rent on a daily basis. We work with people in all stages of life. It’s certainly rewarding seeing their happiness when a successful sale or rental occurs. But nothing prepared us for the rewarding experience of...

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Lessons Learned in Los Angeles

Journey Home’s staff has been hard at work over the last few months.  When you’re moving as fast as we are in Connecticut it can be all too easy to get caught up in the day-to-day work and have trouble seeing the bigger picture.  While we are deeply involved in the...

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Making a House a Home and A Hand Up

Working in silos is one thing we at Journey Home see as a hazard to productivity and success. Our Making a House a Home program is no different. Therefore, we are currently looking into some of the ways we can work together and see more success to help our clients in...

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Our 3rd Annual Gala: Another Incredible Success!

At Journey Home, we are always talking about partnerships. We are fortunate to have so many dedicated partners in our region; with whom we work every day. The same can be said about our annual gala, Home is Where the Heart Is. With the help of our many partners, we...

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Mercy Diversion Center

We have previously shared with all of you, our friends and supporters, about the great work at Mercy Housing and Shelter Corporation’s Diversion Center.  We wanted to be sure to update you on the work and progress of the Diversion Center. What is happening over there...

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Community Renewal Team Women’s Empowerment Center

Community Renewal Team (CRT) is a non-profit community action agency dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty. CRT has a proven record of helping women. Last year 59% of CRT’s 86,067 clients were women and 31% of the families served were headed by single mothers....

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Wallace’s Story

You will often hear those of us who work here at Journey Home say that homelessness can happen to anyone. We say it because we have witnessed the truth of that statement. Case in point, meet Wallace Rosser. Wallace is 54 and has been homeless since 2014. Previous to...

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In Their Own Words: The Kinsley Group

Patti Stewkesbury, Marketing Director of Kinsley Group, wrote a reflection of the Kinsley Group’s recent experience of volunteering and adopting a client with Journey Home’s Making a House a Home program. In October, The Kinsley Group was matched with Journey Home....

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Journey Home Mission

Our mission is to ensure a home for all.

We believe the most powerful way to do this is collectively - by working together with service providers, elected officials, businesses and local communities to end homelessness in the Capital region of Connecticut. We will build partnerships, advance innovative solutions and achieve enduring, systemic change.

Journey Home works in the Capital region of Connecticut.

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