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Meet Frankie

Frankie is a big guy with a heart of gold and a story to tell. After almost 10 years of being unstably housed and homeless, Frankie finally found his way home. His home was an apartment on James Street in Hartford. The way Frankie tells it, the apartment was great,...

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Hartford Debuts Municipal ID Cards

On Monday, May 22nd, the City of Hartford launched their new municipal ID card program. The program, which will offer photo IDs to residents of the City of Hartford, presents a great opportunity for many of our neighbors experiencing homelessness. Obtaining...

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In Their Own Words

My Journey Home By Wanda Y. Gaines My journey home has not been the best. I am glad that I survived and passed every test. I worked hard, to get where I needed to be. I didn't allow nothing to stand in my way or stop me. I had to grow up and prove that I was grown. I...

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Exciting Housing Choice Voucher Program Updates

The Chronically Homeless Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Preference has been established through the City of Hartford and Imagineers for households who meet the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s definition of chronically homeless (homeless a year or...

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3rd Annual Haircuts for Humanity

On Monday, May 8th, Journey Home hosted the 3rd Annual Haircuts for Humanity event at United Artists Salon on Park Road in West Hartford. On this day, 40 men, women and children who are experiencing homelessness were provided free haircuts, as well as a delicious...

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Melville Grant Award

We are very excited to announce that the Melville Charitable Trust has awarded $86,000 to Journey Home for its operations through June of 2018. In recent years, the City of Hartford has allocated a similar amount to Journey Home through its annual budget. “Journey...

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Our Navigators Receive Lots of Community Support

One of the greatest assets that the Greater Hartford Coordinated Access Network (GH CAN) has is our navigators. Navigators are assigned to those who are believed to be chronically homeless and assist them with becoming “document ready”. Which means they obtained all...

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Meet Kenneth

Sometimes life needs to take its twists and turns in order for us to find home. And some of the twists can be beautiful and those turns can be messy. But, we need them to get us to the place where we are. Kenneth experienced the twists and turns of life. A beautiful...

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Journey Home Mission

Our mission is to ensure a home for all.

We believe the most powerful way to do this is collectively - by working together with service providers, elected officials, businesses and local communities to end homelessness in the Capital region of Connecticut. We will build partnerships, advance innovative solutions and achieve enduring, systemic change.

Journey Home works in the Capital region of Connecticut.

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