Journey Home is working to find permanent, system-wide solutions to end homelessness.

One Call teal-arrow-14 Menu of Services

If you are experiencing homelessness, getting help can be emotionally overwhelming. Now individuals can make one phone call – 211 – to learn about all the services in the Capital region of Connecticut. This single point of contact system offers immediate access to emergency services, provides ongoing support, reduces anxiety, and helps individuals build a long-term plan for a stable life.

Homeless teal-arrow-14 Homes

Journey Home is working with the City of Hartford to open the Housing Choice Voucher waiting list to those who are experiencing chronic homelessness. Working together, we are offering creative solutions to homelessness.

Donations teal-arrow-14 Furnished Apartments

This initiative engages community volunteers in the work and mission of Journey Home by collecting and donating furniture and essential household goods for people transitioning from homelessness to housing.  For more information about this program and/or to get involved please contact Alison Scharr.

Coordinated Care teal-arrow-14 Improved Client Health

The North Central Region Community Care Team (NCRCCT) is an expanding group of healthcare, human service, shelter and housing providers who meet regularly to case conference challenging client/patient cases.

Aerospace Employment Program
Skills teal-arrow-14 Jobs

The aerospace industry needs skilled workers and many individuals experiencing homelessness need jobs. So, the Belcan Corporation is partnering with Journey Home to train and place workers in entry-level manufacturing positions that pay a living wage and offer opportunity for upward mobility.

Your Investment teal-arrow-14 Our Promise

The Risk Reduction Fund recognizes the investment of landlords who are willing to help individuals in need of affordable housing and is intended to reduce the risk that can be associated with housing some households.


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