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Landlord Risk Reduction Fund

The Risk Reduction Fund recognizes the investment of landlords who are willing to help individuals in need of affordable housing and is intended to reduce the risk that can be associated with housing some households.

This Fund offers participating landlords reimbursement for short-term vacancies and minor repairs to a unit that is rented to a Greater Hartford Coordinated Access Network (GH CAN) tenant who receives rental assistance. The effort helps preserve the investment of a participating landlord while helping to secure safe, affordable housing for individuals in need.

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Journey Home Mission

Our mission is to ensure a home for all.

We believe the most powerful way to do this is collectively - by working together with service providers, elected officials, businesses and local communities to end homelessness in the Capital region of Connecticut. We will build partnerships, advance innovative solutions and achieve enduring, systemic change.

Journey Home works in the Capital region of Connecticut.

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