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  • Jessie Finds His Way Home

    For close to four years there wasn’t one day when Jessie could fiddle around in his pocket and find his house key. He couldn’t find his key because he didn’t have that key. Not only was Jessie homeless, but Jessie was constantly on the move. […]

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  • Sometimes it Really Does Take a Village

    What is identity? Identity can be the name of a person, who someone is, or the qualities and beliefs that make you who you are. We don’t realize how important identity is until you are trying to prove it. Now imagine trying to prove your […]

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Safe, affordable housing is a basic human right. Your donations – large and small – will help your neighbors find permanent housing.

Want to help? We’ll match your talents with our initiatives so you can help others get back on their feet.

Journey Home is a non-profit organization that leads the effort to end chronic homelessness in the greater Hartford area.

Journey Home- My Home from Paul Horton, DP on Vimeo.

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