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Emergency Shelters:

In Hartford:

Interval House
Serving: Females/children victims of domestic violence
(860) 246-9149
Location revealed to clients only.

Salvation Army Marshall House
Serving: Individual Women, Families and Couples
225 South Marshall St.
Hartford, CT 06105

Soromundi Commons
Serving: Individual Women
135 Broad St.
Hartford, CT 06105

South Park Inn
Serving: Individual Men, Individual Women and Families
75 Main St.
Hartford, CT 06106

Serving: Individual Men
560 Park St.
Hartford, CT 06126

McKinney Shelter
Serving: Individual Men
34 Huyshope Ave,
Hartford, CT 06106

Open Hearth
Serving: Individual Men
150 Charter Oak Ave,
Hartford, CT 06106

In East Hartford:

East Hartford Community Shelter
Serving: Families
385 Main St.
East Hartford, CT 06118

In Vernon:

Cornerstone Shelter
Serving: Individual Men and Individual Women
1A Prospect St.
Vernon, CT 06066

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