Making a House a Home is a small project that is growing and thriving with the help of volunteers and local organizations in the Greater Hartford area. Some of the organizations that we have connected with are St. John’s Episcopal Church in West Hartford, Jill Merriam Key Hyundai, and Bob’s Discount Furniture!

St. John’s Episcopal Church has helped to furnish the new unit of a father and son with beds, a couch, night stands, kitchen items, and they want to keep helping more clients in the future. Jill and her husband Rob have helped move furniture and other household items in for two clients so far, and have been a huge help in supporting our Making a House a Home project. They have connected us to friends in the area, and have even involved local children by encouraging them to collect, sort, and even move the smaller household items into apartments. This sort of involvement has allowed area children to fully understand the importance of giving back to the community. Bob’s Discount furniture has also been a huge supporter of our work. They reached out to us and offered us gift cards to help furnish the units of newly housed individuals.

Getting our Greater Hartford Community involved has been encouraging, exciting, and very beneficial for this project. These three groups have made a difference in the lives of formerly homeless individuals, and have pushed this project to the next level. With their support we have grown this project; been able to reach more volunteers, spread the word about Making a House a Home, and impact more lives of the previously homeless.

We hope to continue this project in the future and make it sustainable with volunteers, transportation, and donations of furniture and household goods. This project is helping the previously homeless get back on their feet and helping them to focus on the job search and becoming stronger more independent people.