On Monday, May 8th, Journey Home hosted the 3rd Annual Haircuts for
Humanity event at United Artists Salon on Park Road in West Hartford. On this
day, 40 men, women and children who are experiencing homelessness were
provided free haircuts, as well as a delicious breakfast and lunch. Kevin Irish,
owner of United Artists Salon, along with Louis Izzaro, Erin Irish, Sara Woods,
and Joanne Cousins, all donated their day to trim, shave and style our clients.
Food and beverages were aplenty, thanks to Max Downtown’s Pastry Chef
Warren Hardman, Park & Oak, Effie’s, Blue State Coffee, Zest 280, and Scott’s
Jamaican Bakery.

To many of us, a haircut is just another blip on our schedule, but for folks who
don’t have the money to spend on a haircut, it can be a real game-changer. It is a
rare chance for them to sit, relax and accept a small dose of pampering, as well
engage in conversation and make contacts with those who may be able to provide
assistance. Our colleague, Debra Morton, had the pleasure of speaking to many of
our friends who are experiencing homelessness that day, as she drove them to
and from the salon. One of the gentlemen that Deb met had been searching for a
job in the restaurant industry. As luck would have it, she has many contacts in
that world, so she gave him her business card and the following day he sent her
his resume. We are thrilled to say that he is now a full-time employee at Savoy
Pizzeria and Craft Bar in West Hartford. The chance to engage, a small
connection, can sometimes be all that is needed, to make a real difference in
someone’s life.