This year has been a roller coaster but we are so thankful for being able to continue getting families and individuals the furniture and household goods they need to make their house a home. While this year surely has had its difficulties, it has also inspired us to do more, work harder, and look for the good each and every day. Our volunteers and donors are some of the amazing people that bring light and positivity to a year that has certainly had its darker moments.

One thing we hear all the time, that brings so much joy to our day, is that people are so grateful that their items, their parents’ furniture, and the bedroom sets that they purchased for their kids growing up can go directly to families right in this community. That these items can help individuals, families, and kids live more comfortably, rather than seeing sentimental household items go to the dump, or a loved one’s furniture sit on the side of the road. There is so much need in this community and also so much abundance. We are thankful that we are able to be the bridge for pieces to go from people who have, to people in need—this year bridging those resources to help approximately 300 households on their journey home!

Thanks to our volunteers for sticking with us, especially over the last 10 months when things looked dreary, you are the light in the darkness. Together with the A Hand Up program we are making a difference and we can continue to make an even bigger difference in 2021. Together we can continue to see growth with this program. Growth that continued this past year with a 2nd warehouse, and will continue into next year with a new system for inventory tracking, and goals for improved logistics management, increased volunteerism, and more outward facing data to inform you all on the amazing work our volunteers and staff do each and every year.

There is so much more we can do, we can give, and we can change to help people moving from homelessness to housing. With your help we can make our community stronger, safer, and happier for all. If you have any ideas for this program, please contact us at to add to our growing list of ideas for 2021 and beyond! Together with your help, we can make this program, our A Hand Up program, the best it can be to help more families and individuals on their journey away from homelessness and towards their own homes.