As soon as I heard about Journey Home, I wanted to get involved.  It’s really hard for one person to figure out what they might do to help end homelessness, but I think I found one tiny part where I can be of service.

I love to plug away at things, write letters and talk to people.  So helping to furnish someone’s home has been a good retirement activity for me.  I was kind of embarrassed at first that I try to make everything “go;” but now, if I find cake pans, I get some cake mix to go with it.  I personally wrestle with feelings of being shallow when big things are happening for the client, but I forge ahead looking and asking for the very things I am being asked to provide, a lamp, a potholder, some towels.

I realize I am meeting the client at a high point; the day we deliver a bed, some cleaning products, dishes, a radio.  We met up with Kevin recently in front of his apartment and he was jumping up and down like the people in those television shows where they remodel a home in secret. I experienced his joy and was happy to be there for that moment.

For continuing involvement, I reach out and talk to my neighbors about Journey Home, and have visited and written to some businesses. Some have stayed involved.  My favorite thing to ask for is a bed (and bedding).

I have received sets of dishes, furniture, coffee table books, playing cards, radios, cleaning products, toothbrushes and televisions. And beds!  I enjoy checking our local “Swap Shack” at the recycling center in Canton and spreading the word about Journey Home.