On a beautiful late July evening we gathered with our friends at Max Downtown and hosted our 3rd Dinner in the Park. We laid out the linens, prepared the salads, arranged the delicious sandwich wraps and waited for our friends to descend on Bushnell Park. Descend they did.

Over the course of an hour we handed out over 300 sandwiches. People from all over the city were able to join together to eat and converse and relax. We met new friends, connected with old, and made lots of introductions. We were also able to hand out over 250 pairs of socks from our friends at Bombas.

Dinner in the Park is also a fundraiser for Journey Home, but it’s a unique one. We are very intentional about the events we plan and we feel it is important that we always ask four questions as we plan our fundraising events:

● Does it build awareness around the issue of homelessness?

● Does it allow us to support our community partners?

● Are we giving back some way to the people we serve?

● And are we raising sufficient funds to keep our organization thriving?

Events like Dinner in the Park happen because of community partnerships and people working together. We continue to be very grateful for our friends at Max Downtown and Max Restaurant Group for the ways in which they support our organization. We are also grateful to all of you, our supporters. Sponsoring a dinner allows us to continue to do the great work that we are doing. Our next Dinner in the Park will be held on Saturday, October 29th at 5pm in Bushnell Park. More information about that event and how you can sponsor a dinner can be found here: journeyhomect.org/donate