The unsheltered population in the Capitol region of Connecticut has been a challenging group to engage over the years and are also considered to be at a higher-risk of infection since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these individuals face mental health, substance abuse, and housing barriers, and are considered the most vulnerable and transient population within the Coordinated Access Network. Knowing the gaps that exist with homeless outreach services not being available in the evening and over the weekend, Journey Home has collaborated with three agencies in Hartford that will use a housing focused approach to address the needs of unsheltered adult individuals throughout Hartford and Greater Hartford.

Hands on Hartford, the Greater Hartford Harm Reduction Coalition and Wheeler Clinic are in the midst of forming an interdisciplinary team consisting of outreach workers, case managers, and a healthcare liaison in order to provide homeless street outreach and case management services to adult individuals experiencing homelessness. The ultimate goal will be to assist these homeless adult individuals to secure safe, viable housing opportunities throughout Hartford and the 29 surrounding towns. These three agencies, along with Journey Home, will also work in collaboration with the other outreach providers such as ImmaCare, Community Health Resources, Hartford Police, walk-in clinics and hospitals to ensure all unsheltered adult individuals are connected and engaged with community resources for behavioral health and housing stability.