In accordance with federal regulations, regions all across Connecticut have been working collaboratively over the past year to develop and implement a system that can provide wraparound services to all individual and households experiencing homelessness. Each of these regions is referred to as a Coordinated Access Network (CAN). The Greater Hartford Coordinated Access Network, made up of over 100 leaders from local organizations that work with the issue of homelessness, has been meeting weekly since May to operationalize this new wraparound system. On November 17th, 2014, this new Greater Hartford CAN system officially went live. The structure of the system focuses on a single “front door” for access to housing services. Currently, any individual or household facing a housing crisis will be directed to call 2-1-1, where they will speak with a housing specialist to assess their needs. If they are not in need of immediate services, they will have an appointment scheduled with one of the homeless services case managers in the region to discuss their situation and determine the best options available to meet their needs. If the household is in need of immediate shelter, 2-1-1 will communicate with regional shelters to locate an available shelter bed(s). The main goals of this coordinated entry system are to ensure that all households receive equal treatment when experiencing a housing crisis, to guarantee client-focused services are delivered that align the most relevant services to each individual circumstance, and to facilitate the ability to capture meaningful data from the first moment a household experiences a housing crisis and extending until they are once again stably housed.