Hot appetizers on the table, cold drinks in hand, and conversations flowing from one person to the next. What a wonderful night at Republic at the Linden in Hartford for our Volunteer Appreciation Happy Hour. We are so thankful to have been able to spend quality time with a group of some of our most dedicated volunteers. It is always a joy to get together to help those in need, but we recognize the importance of coming together as a community as well and enjoying some time to relax and recuperate together without any heavy lifting involved.

We have volunteers in all aspects of our program, from those that are doing the heavy lifting during the week, those that come on the weekends, the ones that connect us to donors with great pieces for the clients, and those that help in sorting and organizing household items. Each and every volunteer makes this program run and makes it possible for our clients to feel comfortable in their new homes. This program has truly created a family that is helping our neighbors in the Greater Hartford area finally feel at home.

Making a House a Home is a program that is not only bringing together furniture and household goods but is bringing together people in the community to make a difference and make a connection for other people in the community that have simply fallen on hard times and need some help to get back on their feet. This is a program that happens for our neighbors, just as it would happen between friends and family. When someone you know needs some assistance you step up to help; a sister, a cousin, an old friend from high school. Those experiencing homelessness are no different. They are someone’s sister, cousin, and friend from high school. It is our duty to help and give them a hand when they are down, so they can do the same for someone else during their time of need.Thank you to our volunteers for lending that hand, and being there to create this community of givers, creating a family that people can go to for support. You are some of the most selfless people in our community today, and we thank you and appreciate you so much for all that you have done and continue to do today.