Sometimes, hope is found in the most unassuming places.  It may seem like hope only appears in magical sunrises or in big, dramatic fashion.  But, it can be found in the simplest of places at times.

One recent afternoon hope was found at a large office building in Windsor.  Over a simple lunch in the corporate cafeteria, hope came to life in the person of Jimmie Smith.  Jimmie is a recent graduate of Journey Home’s Aerospace Employment Placement Program and he believes with every bit of his being that he sat there that day because he never gave up hope.  And that same hope seeps through his every glance, his every move, his every word.

Like everyone, Jimmie has an important story to tell.  He has history.  He has a past.  But, he never allowed that past to get in the way of his future.

Jimmie found Journey Home while living at Open Hearth in Hartford.  He wanted a second chance, a new start.  His encounter with Journey Home staff member, Roy Mainelli, at a job fair at the shelter provided him with that new start he was looking for.  As soon as he heard about the Aerospace Employment Placement Program, Jimmie knew that he had found that next step in his life.  He enthusiastically began the enrollment process and then, last September, found himself sitting in a classroom at Goodwin College beginning the next phase of his life.

Jimmie sailed through the education component, soaked in all of the experience during his 6-week internship, and is now gainfully employed at Belcan Corporation.  He loves every aspect of this new life.  He found hope where some may have not.  And that hope guides him as he begins the search for his new home.  He has big dreams as he thinks about his new digs.  And why wouldn’t he?  He has come so far.  With a full-time job, a great paycheck, benefits, and a 401-K, Jimmie is ready to take on anything.

Hope is certainly all around us.  Sometimes we just have to dig deep enough to find it.