We are still finding homes for people at a very quick rate and the need to furnish these new homes is significant. The people that are currently being housed are moving from the streets or emergency shelters into apartments of their very own. Many of them have very few possessions and no furnishings. It is our hope that we can offer them not only a home, but also some basic necessities to help them get started.

We have seen amazing connections develop between clients and faith groups, families, businesses, and neighborhoods. Our hope is that more of these groups will come together to support those who are currently transitioning from homelessness to housing.

One volunteer summarized her experience by saying, “Being in the Real Estate industry, we see people buying, selling and renting homes every day and find gratification in helping them do so. But being a part of helping the Journey Home clients is beyond anything we have ever experienced. The appreciation our team at Coldwell Banker received and the joy we witnessed reminds us never to take for granted the value of a HOME! ” – Sherri K. Schwartz

On a recent Friday a group of four employees from The Hartford came together to deliver furniture and mattresses to 5 clients in the Hartford community. These four men were able to make a significant impact in the lives of others during just one morning of volunteering. It’s amazing how such small and simple acts make all of the difference.

This program is one of the first steps to help them get back on their feet, feel stable in their new home, and increase their quality of life. With our amazing volunteers and donors we are able to make sure that our clients don’t have to worry about how they will afford furniture or how they will sleep at night without a bed. Our Making a House a Home program may not solve all of their problems, but by receiving donations and bringing volunteers together to deliver furniture to these clients, we are giving them one less thing to worry about. Furniture and household goods allow the clients a more relaxing and comforting space they can call their own.

Both of our volunteer groups from Coldwell Banker and The Hartford were able to take a few hours out of their busy schedules to make a difference in the lives of people they otherwise may never have met. If more businesses, families, and neighborhoods could come together for a just a few hours, our community would be a happier place, where everyone can have a bed to lay their head at night. If you or your group would like to have this kind of experience to help someone in need, you should consider helping a chronically homeless individual or family. We would love to make that match for you! Please contact Alison Scharr at alison.scharr@journeyhomect.org for more information.