One of our partner agencies in the Central Coordinated Access Network,
Friendship Service Center, recently had a grand opening of a new housing
development site in New Britain. The 11-unit permanent supportive housing
program consists of 5 efficiencies and 6 one-bedroom units and the building is
named Howey House, after Greg Howey. Greg Howey was the chairman of the
board of Okay Industries who worked with former Mayor Timothy Stewart and
current Mayor Erin Stewart and headed the executive committee of the mayor’s
plan to end homelessness. Howey House, located on North Street, will be home
to 9 chronically homeless individuals and 2 disabled veterans as of October 1st.
This beautiful new property has been fully-furnished for some of our most
vulnerable clients. For some, this may be their first apartment ever. Friendship
Service Center reached out to the community and received donations from
bedding to cleaning supplies. Case management is offered on-site and there will
be events such as movie nights hosted by Friendship Service Center. The
building also has a community room and a media room for the residents to use.