We truly need to thank Journey Home for the opportunity to volunteer our time and effort to such a worthy cause. Not the other way around. Sharon and I have recently transitioned from all consuming vocations. This never gave us the satisfaction that comes with the work we do here. When we see people trying to improve the quality of their lives and know that we are a small part of that change, the reward is also ours.

During this divisive time we live in we think it is more important than ever to be involved in helping our neighbors. An organization like Journey Home
that gets to the root of assisting people as they move in the right direction is the ideal way to help. –Matt & Sharon Brewer

Doing something small can spark a big change for someone who needs it the most. Making someone’s life better is something very special that I have experienced while volunteering at Journey Home. During my experience I helped move mugs, bath curtains, chairs, desks, coffee tables, blankets, TV stands, plates and even a rice cooker into homes. One thing I have learned from this whole experience is how helping the less fortunate makes you feel. The act of physically moving furniture into someone’s home and how much they appreciate you just changed how I looked at the world. It changed who I was as a person. I cannot count how many times we were thanked before and after we brought in those much-needed items. It truly was an amazing and positive learning experience. It really is much better to give than to receive. –Samantha Scott