My Journey Home
By Wanda Y. Gaines

My journey home has not been the best.
I am glad that I survived and passed every test.
I worked hard, to get where I needed to be.
I didn’t allow nothing to stand in my way or stop me.
I had to grow up and prove that I was grown.
I wanted to be independent and stand on my own.

I stayed in a few shelters, that were pretty nice.
I almost was discharged, maybe once or twice.
I knew that I wasn’t going to be there not too long.
I was so sad, but I had to get strong.
I had to believe in myself and prove that I am grown.
I was focused and determined, to be on my own.

I was so happy, when I had found my place.
Everyday, when I wake I wear a smile on my face.
I relied on my faith and continued to believe.
I wanted the best and had to achieve.
I worked hard for my place and now I am grown.
I am proud of myself, because I found my journey home.