There are so many things our parents teach us when we are young. To eat our vegetables, our left from our right, but there is one thing that many people are taught, but forget to say, and forget the meaning behind it. During this past Home Makeover, our client never forgot to say it, and never said it without any meaning. She truly appreciated every moment and every little thing that we were able to provide to her and her daughter. They were little things to us, like cleaning the kitchen, collecting school supplies, and hanging pictures on the walls. But those were the big things to her. Every aspect of the Home Makeover she was thrilled about and never forgot to say what every parent teaches their children, two words that everyone should hear — “Thank you”.
In the spirit of this family that we were able to help, we’d like to say, thank you, to all of our volunteers and donors that have helped this program grow and thrive over these past 3 years. You have done so much and we wouldn’t be where we are today without you.