There is a saying that “It takes a village to raise a child” but in our circumstances
it takes a village to move a warehouse!

It was quite the feat to move a little over a half mile. From our warehouse on
Talcott Road where we began our partnership with A Hand Up, to our new
home on New Park Ave, West Hartford. We had numerous warehouse moving
days, where volunteers assisted in transporting items from Talcott to New Park,
boxing up kitchen items, bagging up linens, and delivering highly requested
beds, dressers, and kitchen tables to our new space. We had a few different
moving sales, where volunteers helped to put on free “tag sales” to help clear out
some of the items that were no longer needed in order to find them a home other
than the dumpster. This brought in some wonderful donations from people in
the community and helped to increase awareness about our programs and the
work that we are able to do in the Capital region.

We have truly begun making our new space ready for our furniture donations.
We have had numerous move-in days with our volunteers on Saturdays and
Sundays, weekly delivery and pick up days, and several deliveries with The
Hartford, Travelers, Nassau Re’, and other businesses who have joined our
growing team of volunteers who have helped formerly homeless households in
this community.

It has been a busy time before, during, and after our move, and we are excited to
see all the progress that we can make for this program to become an even bigger
success, and help so many more households in the Greater Hartford area.