Journey Home is thrilled to announce that we have received a $40,000 grant from
the Melville Charitable Trust to further the efforts of the Greater Hartford
Coordinated Access Network (GH CAN). Two system service gaps have been
identified by GH CAN membership over the last year and this funding will help
to fill these gaps within our system. The grant will allow us to speed up the
housing search process by hiring a Housing Locator. It will also provide us the
opportunity to continue our very important work in homeless outreach coverage
and coordination.

We are very grateful to the Melville Charitable Trust for their continued support
of our work and mission.

The Melville Charitable Trust is the largest foundation in the U.S. exclusively
devoted to ending homelessness. The Trust invests in proven, lasting, and costeffective
solutions that enable people with the least resources and biggest
barriers to success to reclaim their lives. And where solutions have not yet been
identified they support exploration and innovation to find the most promising
approaches. The Trust’s grantmaking dollars are roughly split between efforts to
end homelessness in their home state of Connecticut and in creating a better
policy environment at the national level. Since their founding in 1990, they have
invested over $140 million in to end homelessness for good. Learn more at