For the first time in about 30 years, Greater Hartford has moved away from a first-come, first-serve model of providing emergency shelter to a new model of prioritizing individuals and families in crisis according to several risk factors.  On May 18th, the Greater Hartford Coordinated Access Network (GH-CAN) launched this new process to ensure that those who have been sleeping under bridges and out of doors, in their cars, or in other dangerous places would be prioritized for shelter.  Additionally, the GH-CAN is looking at other factors that can impact the safety and vulnerability of those who are experiencing homelessness.  In only one month, 164 people in Greater Hartford who reported they had been sleeping outside, have now been provided a warm bed in an emergency shelter.  Thank you to all our partner agencies that have worked through this transition and have forged ahead with new practices and processes to try to better serve the needs in the community.