This summer we were able to make a connection with Lois Coastworth at the New to You Thrift Shop, a local thrift and consignment store in East Hartford. It is a small operation, but one with a big heart! They have decided to help our clients in the Greater Hartford area that are experiencing homelessness or have recently moved into housing. They receive donations of household items as well as clothing and have created a voucher for those in the Homeless Service System to receive a few pieces of free clothing and accessories to help them get started during this difficult time. This store is sponsored by the Friends of East Hartford Senior Care Centers, Inc., a nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise funds to support the programs and activities at the East Hartford Senior Centers. All proceeds from the thrift shop benefit East Hartford older adults through the senior centers. The volunteers here, including Lois, have found it in their hearts to not only support the senior centers, but also those in the Greater Hartford area that are experiencing homelessness. Lois and the volunteers at the New to You Thrift Shop have a strong commitment to homelessness, the elderly, and affordable housing. They understand the importance of services like the ones at the thrift shop and they are delighted to be able to provide help to those who are experiencing homelessness. All of us are connected and we are blessed to have a partnership with the New to You Thrift Shop, and look forward to continued connections in the future with them and others in the community!