Journey Home held our Annual Meeting on June 16th.  Between summarizing our work in 2015-2016, organizing a new governance structure, and some very essential strategic planning, we were also able to elect new officers to our board.

Our organization has been wonderfully led by Betsy Crum over these past two years.  Betsy’s deep knowledge of issues around housing made her a great leader as Board Chair.  Her dedication and service to Journey Home is far-reaching and we offer her our tremendous thanks for the work she has done over these last couple of years.  We are delighted that she will not be leaving us, but only stepping down from her role.  Taking her place as Chair is David Doot.  David has been with our organization for three  years and has served on the Executive Committee over the last two years.  His passion for our work and his solid leadership will provide the guidance we need as we look to the future.

With leadership change also came changes on the Executive Committee.  Our new Vice Chair is Jody Beresin and our new Secretary is Kevin LaCroix.  Jody and Kevin are certainly not new to our board, but they are new to these roles.  Both of them have shown tremendous support to us as we have grown into the organization we are now.

We give great thanks to all of those who serve on the Board of Directors at Journey Home.  Their hard work and dedication makes us possible to continue to work to end homelessness in the Greater Hartford region.