This has been quite the busy year with our Making a House a Home program! We have had our first and now our second Home Makeover, a few fantastic client adoptions one of which you can read more about through our “In Their Own Words” section, and numerous move-ins with volunteers from The Hartford and HYPE just to name a few.

However, one of the highlights of this year has been being able to work with a group of volunteers that has exceeded all expectations, they go above and beyond the typical volunteer, and have committed to helping end homelessness just like we here at Journey Home have. To Alison, our Volunteer and Communications Coordinator, they are truly members of the team. Matt Brewer, Rob Dulitsky, Judy Cooke, and Fabricio Suarez have been vital members of the Making a House a Home program. Committing time during the week to help pick up furniture in the community and deliver to clients in need. They go above and beyond, move furniture with and without staff present, pick up furniture from neighbors and friends, and offer their free time to help those in need. They are a group of people with great minds and even bigger hearts. This program has been able to help at least three times the number of people because of volunteers like them.

We are so thankful and blessed to have volunteers like them in this community, helping Journey Home and other non-profits. They and their families are truly making a difference in this community. Thank you, Matt, Rob, Judy, and Fabricio! We couldn’t do it without you!