Waking up on a cold, hard floor, with the sun beaming in from your uncovered windows, as you lay there in the clothes you have been wearing for weeks. You try and sit up but your back is aching, your muscles are sore, and you have no reason to get up today. No one should be living like this. Despite having a place to stay, off of the streets, with a roof and four walls, what one could call a house, you are still without a home; you are home less.

Our initiative, Making a House a Home, is starting to form a working group in order to keep this project sustainable. Members will be developing new ideas on how to expand our volunteer base, how to collect more furniture for our friends in need, and how to find the transportation to keep the furniture and clients connected. Members of this working group are going to be instrumental in involving volunteers as they support those who are previously homeless, and helping them get back on their feet.

This is a new undertaking, however it is one that has been making a huge impact on our previously homeless neighbors. Without this project, they would have to spend the little money that they have on furniture and household goods rather than saving up for transportation, health care costs, rent, and utilities. By collecting donations for them, it takes away some of the stress of not being able to afford household items. This group helps Journey Home to support the homeless community even after they are housed.

We are looking to expand our working group. If you are interested in joining us or learning more, contact our MSW intern Alison Scharr at: