On August 2nd, Watkinson School, through the leadership of Jenni French, we
had a group of about 8 volunteers helping to deliver furniture and household
goods to two clients in need in the South End of Hartford.
We started out on Wyllys Street, helping bring items up 3 narrow, short flights of
stairs, with lots of landings to a couple that had moved in the month prior and
needed some final items to make their house a home. Delivering linens, dish sets,
and somehow, some way, we delivered some heavy dressers and a bookcase up
to that third floor. The client’s wife who met us there was so grateful and
appreciative, especially as she saw us struggle to get those items up the stairs.
This team of Watkinson Employees was committed to making sure they got what
they needed, there was nothing but positive attitudes to make the day a huge
success. What amazing role models for the students at Watkinson!

After we had our first stop on the third floor, we could only continue the theme
and stick with another third-floor apartment. This time we were able to serve a
client that was going through our Aerospace Employment Program. She and her
8-year-old son were so grateful and helped out when they could. They received
two twin bed sets, linens, lamps, a kitchen table, chairs, dishes, and much more.
It was an amazing day to be able to serve two families that truly needed help
after experiencing such tough times! Homelessness, as this team from Watkinson
saw, doesn’t just affect individual males or middle-aged people or any one
population; homelessness does not discriminate. Homelessness affects everyone.