We have some fabulous local partners in the Greater Hartford Area! We are thankful to all of those businesses including Whole Foods in Bishops Corner in West Hartford for their continued support of Journey Home. This summer we had two Giving Grill Fundraisers at Whole Foods where we raised over $600! This event included a grilled lunch where Whole Foods donated 100% of the proceeds to our organization. During both events, we were able to talk to those walking by about some of the programs we coordinate here at Journey Home, and also able to make further connections with past and present volunteers and donors, while hopefully also adding new volunteers and donors to our community. Events like these are a great way to work with local businesses and also meet new people in the community that may not have otherwise heard about what we do. We are on the lookout for more businesses to host similar events throughout the holiday season and into the New Year. These events are great opportunities to share the importance of what we do, acknowledge the great local businesses in the Greater Hartford area, and continue to work to end homelessness! Together we can end homelessness, together we can be the change!